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ELECTRIXCITY played its first ever show in Paris at L'international, a dark little venue where many famous bands from today worked their craft before hitting their stride and this should not be any different for ELECTRIXCITY with their powerful and inspired set.

Electrixcity is led by the beautiful singer Natalie Chahal along with John O'Malley on guitar and programming. The rhythm section consists of Macc Kano and Marc Hepburn on the bass and on the drums respectively. The band formed recently in Camden, one of the last real bastions of punk rock music.

That night in Paris, they were virtually unknown to the audience but the reception was quite enthuastic. The band played like well-seasoned performers, the songs were agressive yet catchy with the undeniable charming stage presence of Natalie. Electrixcity (pronounced EE-LEK-TRIK-CITY) has the sound of the New York bands from the 70's with a subtle electronic touch, which boasts both rawness and quality melodies.

Natalie's sweet face can be misleading as she impresses with the power of her voice and her dynamic moves. Her bandmates do not stay hidden as John shreds agressively his Fender Telecaster guitar. Macc the Japanese Bassist draws some funny looks from the audience with his daring goggles while Marc, despite the plexiglass drumshield, really makes our heads shake to the sound of his steady drumming.







I was particularly anticipating them to play their best song so far called Ladykiller, which was nothing short of spectacular as I hoped. Ladykiller is a can't-miss song with its irresistible chorus and it wouldn't be surprising to hear heavy rotations on the English radios. After an exciting bridge, Natalie, who had taken hold on a guitar as well, raced towards the end of the song like a crazy horse that nothing could stop. She endeared herself to the audience by speaking a bit of French, as if that was necessary at this point.

The Electrixcity project is stll at its very beginning as Natalie pointed out during the show but the band already showed great promises for the future with this tremendous performance in Paris. Success is ahead of them and it's only up to them to take it.














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