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22 janvier 2011 6 22 /01 /janvier /2011 00:38

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3628/3637412362_32dfdf3798_b.jpgActress turned singer Lenka from Australia sings with innocence and enthusiasm but also with the eyes of someone who has experienced a lot. Brought up by hippie parents, Lenka never lost her youth and finally gets big dividends and recognition for her refreshing set of songs, outlined by her hit The Show.

For her first ever show in London, Lenka captivated her audience wire to wire with a flawless and passionated performance. Entering the stage with Trouble is a friend, Lenka was wearing a flowery dress and her sexy moves didn’t let anyone indifferent. Presentation is an important part of her success as the former actress furbished herself the stage decoration that introduces nicely the listener to her world. The young and already eager audience from Bush Hall responded loudly after each song and listened carefully during the breaks as Lenka enjoyed telling the origins and meaning of the songs with her distinctive Australian accent.

Much more than a one-hit wonder, Lenka has a nice and solid collection of songs, whose mindless tone can be deceiving as the songs are much deeper than they appear to be. From her driving breakup song Bring me down to the lullaby song Don’t let me fall which she describes as an insecure love song, Lenka navigated easily through the night. One intense moment was the a cappella song “like a song”, with Lenka singing alone on stage upon radio waves recorded during the World War II. For good measure, Lenka followed with the song that made her famous around the world, The Show. During the final section of the song, the conquered audience sang loudly Lenka’s words “I want my money….I want my money back….I want my money back…just enjoy the show”, which pleased the beautiful singer to heart. After an exciting rendition of “we will not grow old”, Lenka and her band came back on stage for a two-song encore, including another mid-tempo breakup type of song that the Australian singer excels singing. “Thank you, London. I love you !” were the last words from Lenka to a beautiful evening of music.

Lenka quickly went out to meet her happy fans, mostly young teenage girls, signing autographs and posing for photographs. Lenka, who recently opened for fellow Australian and friend Missy Higgins, proved herself as an entertaining artist and that “you don’t have to stop being a kid“. Innocence and enthusiasm can still be found in this world of grown-ups and they exsude in Lenka’s songs.








Little Lost David from Sheffield opened the show for Lenka. Accompanied by his drummer, David played his songs on the acoustic guitar and showed off his powerful voice that has matured since he opened for American singer Brandi Carlile in the Spring of 2008. Little Lost David was at ease from the start and kept the momentum going as he was warmly welcomed. David’s usual trumpet interpretation was the highlight of his convincing set.





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