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29 janvier 2011 6 29 /01 /janvier /2011 01:18

Many decades ago, the Beatles were storming their era by defining a new and revolutionary sound, which would influence virtually every rock band since then. Many bands have come and gone but THE LIKE is one of the few who really features a Beatles-que sound, from the harmonies to the melodies, and now they are ready to make it heard worldwide. Tonight, THE LIKE kicks off its first European tour at the Botanique, a great venue complex in Brussels, Belgium.




There is a young girl at the first row waiting impatiently for the band to come and set fire to Brussels. We can hear her excited about standing so close to Elisabeth "Z" Berg, the charismatic and sexy singer of the band. Let's feel the show like she did through her eyes.

Harvey Quinnt, a Belgian band, opened the night with a nice set of songs. Slowly but steadily building momentum, Harvey Quinnt played a very convincing show with a music anchored by a very big double bass. This set up a promising night in the beautiful venue under the dome, which is called the Rotonde. The venue is divided in two, with half of the place devoted to the bands who evolve in a very spacious environment and the other half circle for the audience. It creates a very intimate atmosphere and more often than not amazing shows have been played there. Tonight would be no exception.


Elizabeth "Z" Berg

9pm at the Rotonde.THE LIKE finally takes the stage and the least we can say is that they came out roaring with the brilliant <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yan9tdM5Z04">Catch me if you can</a>. The drums start, Annie Monroe then joins with her wicked keyboard, "Z" Berg slashes her guitar during the opening sequence and sings with that sense of urgency which usually pushes her closer and closer to cracking her edgy voice. Already the reception is warm and loud and it will only get better.

The band didn't have a setlist so they improvised it at times on the seat of their pants. They followed with He's not a boyfeaturing the adorable Laena Geronimo who played some furious and fuzzy bass lines, just like if she had written "Think for yourself" of the Beatles. This is precisely why THE LIKE can be so appealing for the young and not so young generations because their music embraces so much the cherished sound of the swinging Sixties. This statement can't be more obvious than on Release Me, which sounds like it's coming straight from the Sixties with Annie and Laena providing the beautiful harmonies and Tennessee Thomas on drums almost impersonating Ringo Starr with her high-stick drumming style.

As if wasn't enough, Z Berg kicked in a cover of Why when love is gone by the Isley Brothers, a very influential band born in the late Fifties. Starting on another brilliant bass line, the song makes you wonder why this kind of music is still so special but we can just end up saying that it is irresistible and there's no need to elaborate. Proof is, THE LIKE then played consecutively Walk of shame, Narcissus in a red dress and Fair game. These songs display a darker garage rock sound and it's like watching a supersonic train on a now unstoppable ride.


Laena Geronimo

The band was famous at the very beginning because the girls are daughters of established parents in the music industry, add to that, four easy-on-the-eyes women and you've got a very hyped band that has to leave up to high expectations but it's only when the smoke dissapears that you can see if they are for real. And boy, truly are they. In a time when music is confined by genres and periods, THE LIKE plays the music of the Beatles and others where they left off while still sounding contemporary.

In the center stage, Elisabeth Z Berg talks often about past relationships and breakups, telling how she wasted so much time with losers in complete contrast with her enthuastic and energetic singing. So, after removing her little vest uncovering a nice ensemble that closely matches the design of her guitar, Z dives into Wishing he was dead with first of all this remarkable signature guitar riff. She has some hard feelings for a former boyfriend that she can't help but tell and the result is absolutely startling.


Annie Monroe


Tennessee Thomas

Like a bit earlier, the band makes no stop and directly breaks into Square One and the fitting final song In The End, a passionate Beatles-que song backed by the masterful Laena Geronimo at the bass. As Z Berg sings, the world is sometimes upside down but during this wonderful night, the world was spinning round (and very fast). Nothing is set in stone and who knows where they'll land in the end but THE LIKE is a remarkable band and they'll surely rake up more and more fans with such performances.

However, for the time being, the band happily comes back on stage for an encore song ("I just don't want to leave", pointed out Z), one of the Rolling Stones' classics Let's spend the night together. No other song would have been appropriate to express the mood of the audience as no one was willing to see the show get to its end. Still, this was really the final call of a fantastic concert that pretty much convinced everyone to stay for the meet and greet. Very shortly after, everyone was seen at the merch table exchanging smiles, signing CDs, taking pictures.

There is unmistakenly something irresistible about four beautiful women playing quality music and being just as adorable once the show is over. The young girl that we talked about earlier will probably keep a dear souvenir from this night, probably the same kind of lasting impression the Beatles left on their fans while they were touring during the early 60's. The story often repeat itself and we can only hope that THE LIKE gets more and more success just like their predecessors.

This was THE LIKE, we love THE LIKE !




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