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22 janvier 2011 6 22 /01 /janvier /2011 22:27

This four-day trip to England was a bit hard to arrange because of many shows I wanted to see alas scheduled on the same days so I had to make choices... but it turned out pretty well.

My main objective at the beginning of the year was to see American singer Diane Birch so this trip was centered around this particular show and then I had to make the other pieces fall into the right places.


After a day in London with a very very nice dinner in Camden that put me into a great momentum, I headed South toward Portsmouth to see the Welsh band Los Campesinos! I chose this city because of the venue that seemed to have good lights. I'm in the mood of seeing very different bands at the moment and I randomly heard about Los Campesinos! and decided to see one of their shows on the strength of a few youtube videos.















The show at the Wedgewood rooms was absolutely amazing, the crowd was totally jumpy. Obviously I didn't know where I stepped into because i had a hard time to handle my material with so passionate fans but this is what a rock concert is about after all. Los Campesinos! is a seven(!)-piece band so there are many people, many things to look at during the show and they're all so good, it's almost hard to believe that they have so much chemistry. Gareth is the lead vocalist with a strong accent, I love Harriet the violinist and the bassist (I don't know her name) who quitely plays some awesome bass lines. they have a sound and songs that are quite unqiue, it's rocking, almost psychedelic at times, very melodic, electrifying, quickly catchy yet intriguing. Los Campesinos! is a very interesting band that everyone should listen to.







The next day I was back in London to see the American sensation Diane Birch in Brick Lane. She played brilliantly in front of a somewhat distracted London audience. Diane played a superb Ariel and surely surprised the audience with her soulful voice during a astonishing Forgiveness. Her backing band gave Birch plenty of support with a lot of intensity and spot-on solos. I met Diane after her performance, she was very sweet. There was one thing that stood out is that Diane is beautiful, has great bangs and is freaking tall.... Anyway, go see her because she is so talented.






The last show was in Liverpool, home of the Beatles. After visiting the city, I sadly learned that the singer, Ragz Nordset from Norway, that I went to see was sick and could not play that night. It was still a great night because I could discover another band called The Indelicates, fronted by musical duo Simon (guitar) and Julia (keyboard). I just wanted to get some work done with my cameras and it happened to be a very interesting show. The band has some nice songs and is really worth following. Apparently Julia was a former member of the Pipettes if you know them and she left to follow a different musical path..... for the better.


All in all, this was a very good tour as i really enjoyed each night of music with different bands and personality. I was the most impressed with Los Campesinos! because they are absolutely impressive on stage but I would go back to see each band anytime.


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