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I saw William Fitzsimmons one year and a half ago and discovered that night one of the most talented songwriters from the States. Fitzsimmons is mostly popular for writing the most beautiful and saddest songs you'll ever get to hear. He finally paid a visit back to Paris where the fans were eagerly waiting to hear his amazing voice again.

William Fizsimmons appeared tall on the stage and as soon as he began singing, the magic was on. He did so while being sick and having lost much of his voice after weeks of touring and doing interviews but he still sounded fantastic. Fitzsimmons played at the beginning The tide pulls from the moon with his perfect fingerpicking style. I then recognized some songs like I don't feel it anymore or After Afterall.

In the middle of his set, Fitzsimmons played my favorite song of his repertoire with If you would've come back home with its warm and gorgeous melody. The Illinois-based songwriter thanked the fans for coming and sticking out with him despite having basically no voice, it's really nice when an artist and the fans can feel the mutual respect and admiration and the soft spoken Fitzsimmons was really grateful for their support.



At the end of the show, William started playing the supposed final song, stopped and suddenly said "Let's do this the right way" and walked into the middle of the crowd like he always does. Fitzsimmons began singing fan favorite You still hurt me during which the audience could get into a very nice and intimate sing-along. A loud ovation came at the end from the fans who wanted to hear more. Fitzsimmons happily obliged but only because "the French gave us the Statue of Liberty !" He took a few minutes to tell that it was the first time he had the proper time to walk around beautiful Paris and he threw the inevitable joke about his famous beard when he told he would be meeting fans upstairs so they can touch his beard and quickly rettracted : No, please don't ! which made the audience burst into laughter. On request, he played Everything Has Changed that he introduced to the people who didn't know the song saying "it sounds like all of the other ones !" Everybody was then listening to every word he sang, absorbing each sound as we could feel the end of the show was nearing.

A final ovation capped this performance by Fitzsimmons. It wasn't the best that could be heard from William who had to play without almost no voice but he isn't just a great artist for writing amazing songs, he is a great artist because that night, he could have easily called it off as he had close to no voice but he didn't, he gutted it out for the whole show and the fans couldn't be more appreciative of his commitment.



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